Church Health Assessment Survey


Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. The first step in assessing the health of our church is to get an honest appraisal of where we currently stand. As a result, we'll know where we need to apply intentional focus and openness to God's continued shaping of our ministry.

Please try to answer each question candidly and honestly. Your first reaction is usually best so try to move swiftly through the assessment without bogging down and over-analyzing your responses. This should take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

Be assured that your responses will be kept strictly confidential and at no point will your name be associated with your responses and/or remarks. With your help, we can identify our strengths as well as our soft spots and pursue all that God has intended for our church.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the browser's BACK button during the survey. Doing so may lock up your computer.

Gratefully in Christ,

The Leadership Team
Mt Zion Baptist Church

If this is an anonymous survey, why are you asking for my name and email address?

Your name and email are required for purely functional reasons. Your name allows us to see who logged in as "congregation" or "leadership" and make any needed adjustments prior to running the report (though we cannot see what any of your responses were). We ask for your email address so that we can email your unique survey session ID to you as a backup in case your computer crashes (so you can pick up where you left off rather than have to start over). At no point will we be able to match survey responses with a person's name. In addition, the demographics allow us to identify the needs/opinions of subgroups within our church (i.e. compare the responses to a certain question by gender, age group, etc.).

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